Taking a Break from Rave

I've had a frustrating couple of weeks working on Rave. Rave is a Ruby port of the Python API for building robots in Google Wave. Wave is pretty unstable, and so I keep running into problems where I'll spend hours debugging my code only to determine that it's a problem with Wave. So I'm going to set it aside for a little while. In about a month, Google is going to release new versions of everything, and start letting the general public sign up for Wave accounts. I assume that they are planning on having a more stable version of Wave at that point. So, I'll revisit it then. As it stands, Rave is in a pretty good spot for building a lot of types of robots. The two big things I've been fighting with recently are that the capabilities versioning doesn't work correctly (so Wave caches your robot's capabilities and you can't add or remove capabilities in new versions), and cron events don't work. I'll revisit both of those in October once a more stable version of Wave is out. Until then, I need to stop spinning my wheels and start focusing on some side projects that I can make some actual progress on.