Finally, Some Progress

Whew, I have finally had enough time to get going on the logic games project. It's out on github at Right now it just the model, some basic validations and specs. More to come, I swear!

Crazy Busy...

So, I have been so crazy busy lately that I didn't even notice that my blog was down for like two weeks... Sorry, all of my loyal readers (that's funny because right now that's just my wife...).

I hope to make some more progress on the logic games project next weekend. I've been doing some stuff with natural language processing at work. So I am rethinking how I want to persist the data: rather than trying to persist it relationally, I am thinking more and more about trying to parse the text of the logic games questions into these objects on the fly, so all that needs to be persisted is the text.

So I think I will simplify phase one of the project a little by cutting persistence out of the picture (this means you DataMapper).

More on this next weekend (I hope). And hopefully more progress next weekend.