Rave: Google Wave Robots in Ruby

Google Wave
There's been a lot of talk about Google Wave lately, so what's Wave all about? Wave is a protocol, that extends XMPP. In practice, it contains elements of email, instant messaging and threaded discussion. Oh, and document management. Yeah, it seems to do just about everything. The problem with that is that it makes it really hard to describe. It always sounds like it is trying to be everything - to solve every problem. But really, it's all about online collaborative communication. Here, take a look at the demo from the Google I/O keynote this year. It makes more sense once you've seen it in action.


We recently open-sourced Moonstone, our JRuby wrapper around Lucene, the Java search engine toolkit. Moonstone is simple, and easy to use - it lets you put together a powerful search engine quickly. It gives you the full capabilities of Lucene, but replaces the Java-isms with a more Ruby-ish syntax. I wanted to take a quick minute to run through the basics: