Sold! "Gleed" coming out in Pseudopod

Just sold another one of my stories, "Gleed", to the horror podcast, Pseudopod. I can't wait to hear it produced! They did such a great job with Great Oak last year, and I think "Gleed" fits their format really nicely. It is, for the record, the first thing I've ever written that I actually scared myself with.

I don't have the release date yet, but I'll post again when I have all the details. For now, here's a short excerpt:

The cold window presses against my forehead. My eyes are closed. I pry them open and see the reflectors on the road zip past us. The motion is unsettling, and I close my eyes again.

"Johnson," I say.

He grunts. His response to most shit, but you get to know the tones, and this grunt says, Yeah, what?

"You shouldn't be driving."

He grunts again, and this one I take to mean, Shut the fuck up.

"You'll be next," I say, "and you shouldn't be driving."

"Well the hospital ain't comin' to us."

The headlights make two overlapping circles on the road ahead of us, and the center line flashes through them, blip, blip, blip. I close my eyes. "Call a fucking ambulance," I mutter.

He grunts. Shut the fuck up again.

Ambulance takes too long, he's thinking. Maybe an hour, out here in the boondocks. He thinks he can get us there faster, but he can't. He won't. We won't make it.