Sold! "Great Oak" coming out in Pseudopod

Just sold one of my stories, "Great Oak", to the horror podcast, Pseudopod. I'm super excited to hear it produced! Not sure the release date yet, but I'll post again when I have the details. In the mean time, here's an excerpt from the story, for a little hint at what's to come:

The clock tick-tocks on the wall across the room, a white, wooden cow with black spots, and a pendulum tail that jerks back and forth. In thirty seven minutes, it will mark one in the morning with a moo. He hates that goddamn clock. If Amy didn't love it so much, he would've thrown it out a long time ago.

Amy kneels beside him and takes his hand gently, leaning closer to examine the bruised, bloody knuckles. Cocking her head to the side, she squints, then looks up at him.

Rob turns away, looking out the window. "Went to the bar," he says. "Couldn't come home."

Outside, the great oak perches on the hill, bare branches grasping and scratching at the dark sky. The tree is the answer. It always was.