Wednesday WIP

Another excerpt from Gleed, the short story I'm currently wrapping up:

The worm moves again, slithers, squirms, the squish squish sound echoing in my ear, in the darkness inside me, and I scream, but my mouth doesn't move, and there's no sound, and I grab my head, but my hands lay still at my sides. My muscles flex, but they don't. I convulse, thrash, bash my head against the window, but nothing happens. My body doesn't respond. All the movement is in my mind. Impulses that are never sent. My body is relaxed. Quiet. Seated. Still.

"It's time," I say, and it's my voice, my mouth moving, but it isn't me speaking, it's the worm, and oh God, it whispers in my head, Something's coming, and my mouth moves again, and says, "It's here."