Wednesday WIP: Mad Maddie

Just diving into one last (I hope) overhaul of my novel, Mad Maddie, so for this week's Wednesday WIP post, I thought I'd share the opening paragraphs:

Madison stares at a water stain on the motel room ceiling. A yellow sodium light from the parking lot filters through thin curtains, painting the stain with a sallow glow. She squints. Her bangs have gotten too long again, and fine, black hair, now slightly matted with sweat, hangs in her eyes.

Mark lies in bed beside her. He takes a drag from a cigarette, and she hears the soft crackle of paper smoldering as his face glows orange in the dark.

Across the room, the burning man watches, silent flames licking up his body. Madison keeps her eyes on the shitty ceiling but sees the glimmer of fire at the edge of her vision, and she knows he's there. Always.