Wednesday WIP Excerpt: Mad Maddie

"Who the fuck am I that there's a war over my soul, Rev. God doesn't give a shit about me. The devil either." She leans back again. "If there's a war, I'm collateral damage is all."

The reverend nods. "Either way."

"Either way, what? You don't think that makes a difference? That no one in this 'war' gives a shit about me?"

"I do. I care."

"Ha! That's rich."

"You don't believe me?"


He looks down at the ground. "After all I've done for you."

"To me, Rev. All you've done to me."

Sold! "Great Oak" coming out in Pseudopod

Just sold one of my stories, "Great Oak", to the horror podcast, Pseudopod. I'm super excited to hear it produced! Not sure the release date yet, but I'll post again when I have the details. In the mean time, here's an excerpt from the story, for a little hint at what's to come: