About Me

Hi! I’m Jason. Here are some things about me:

I live in Oregon with my wife, Shandy.

I’m a writer. Mostly horror. I'm represented by Lynnette Novak at the Seymour Agency, who is currently subbing my first novel, Where the Dead Seep Through, the story of six mountain climbers, trapped in a supernatural storm and haunted by the vengeful ghost of a centuries-old priest.

A recent transplant from Colorado, I wrote Where the Dead Seep Through while living deep in the Rockies, where I spent my free time hiking and snowshoeing in the backcountry.

My writing has won first place in the Zebulon contest at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. I'm a member of the HWA, and my short fiction has appeared in Pseudopod.

You can email me, find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Goodreads .